Permanent Memorialization

Permanent Memorial Options and Ideas for Loved Ones


Permanent Memorial Ideas for Loved Ones

The grieving process doesn't end when the funeral service does. Oftentimes, the services are just the first steps to healing and recovery. It can be hard for the bereaved to return to their regular routines so soon after the services are over, especially given the demands of the modern world and the limits that many employers place on allowed time for grieving. But it is important that those left behind find ways to move forward and continue with their lives as best they can.


Creating a lasting tribute can give family and friends a permanent place to visit when they need help feeling connected to the loved one who has passed. It serves as a focus for their memory, and provides a private space for reflection and peace. It can also serve as a location for family and friends to commemorate important occasions, and can help make it easier to cope on meaningful dates like birthdays or anniversaries. As the years pass, a permanent memorial can also become a link to the past for younger generations who may not have had the opportunity to meet the departed loved one during their lifetime.


Permanent memorials can also be a powerful option for those who want to leave a lasting legacy behind after their death. In addition to being an enduring way of giving back, it can serve as documentation of past generations and help keep family stories alive for future ones.


Permanent Memorial Options




The perfect place to lay your loved one is an upright granite memorial. These can be personalized with size and color options that share the life of a deceased person in ways no other cemetery could hope for.




Mausoleums provide a personal and customized way to honor the dead. A mausoleum can either be an above ground structure that you walk into, like our private vestibule structures; or it could involve one of our community buildings with all kinds specially designed rooms inside for family members' media displays about their loved ones who have passed on. 


Tribute Plaque


Another option is a tribute plaque. These are special memorial plaques that can be shared either inside someone's home or outside of it, depending on the size and material you choose for this particular fixture. They usually have room to fit four small pictures along with all kinds of information about your loved one that meant so much to you.


Memorial Park


A final resting place that is marked with flat bronze or granite memorials, designed to be a peaceful park-like setting. Memorials in this sacred ground can honor the life and legacy of your loved one by allowing you input into how their plaque will look like.




A columbarium is an above-ground permanent placement option for cremated remains. Columbaria provide a wide array of options in size, style, and personalization to create a meaningful final resting place where friends can gather to visit the loved one’s urns or gravestones with dignity at any time they choose.




If you're looking for the perfect final resting place, we can help. Our funeral directors will discuss your options and find a personalized monument or headstone that properly reflects who they were in life as well as their new home at rest the best way possible.




If you are looking for a green and sustainable option, an eco-cemetery might be the perfect fit. Eco-cemetery is home to natural landscaping, wildlife habitats, and biodegradable urns which will decompose over time. It is also ADA compliant and wheelchair accessible.


Permanent memorial ideas for loved ones


  1. Donate a bench that includes your own personal plaque to any local park, golf course, or downtown area.
  2. Plant a tree or establish your loved one’s name on an engraving stepping stone, and enjoy the beauty of nature that you have created.
  3. Name a star after your loved one and receive a certificate of ownership.
  4. Purchase an engraved brick to be placed in a memorial walkway, courtyard, or plaza.
  5. Create a memory book that can be shared with future generations.
  6. Share photos, videos, music files, and stories about your loved one on an online memorial tribute site. 
  7. Inter cremated remains in the columbarium niche. The specially designed structure holds cremation urns and will continue to do so for years, maybe decades more.


Galbreaith Pickard Funeral Chapel is a family-owned funeral home located in Weatherford and Willow Park, TX that can help you with permanent memorialization. We encourage you to visit or call us at (817) 594-2747 (Weatherford) or (817) 594-2747 (Willow Park), we are available anytime.

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