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Your Traditions Cremation and Funeral ChapelDying is a part of living. But when it comes suddenly and unexpectedly, surviving loved ones may experience pain and overwhelming heartache. Even if it was expected, the death of a close friend or family member can be one of life’s more difficult challenges to go through. At Galbreaith Pickard Funeral Chapel, our caring professionals understand the impact of grief and loss on those who remain. As one of the leading funeral home and cremation providers in Annetta, TX, we seek to aid families in their need for solace.


Part of what we do is counsel with individuals and families about the kind of service they want for their fallen loved ones. Both burial and cremation services can be done with dignity and respect for the deceased while meeting the needs of the living. That’s why we offer both. It’s important to us that every family who seeks our support can have the type of death care they determine best for their situation.


The benefits of each service style are unique. What is right for your family and deceased loved one may not be right for another individual or family. And that’s completely understandable. If you’re uncertain about why some families choose one style of disposition and tribute over another, here are some of the specifics to help you better understand. As you read, try to think about which option best suits you.


Traditional Funeral and Burial Advantages


For many, great comfort is found in the certainty of traditions. Funeral care is no exception. Knowing what to expect, and how a loved one will be honored in death brings a sense of stability in an otherwise difficult time. If prearranged funeral planning has occurred, these details will be known long before the point of need. You can anticipate the following:


  • Viewing Service: Also referred to as a wake or visitation hours, the viewing is a reception for the deceased and their family and friends. The body of the person who has died is prepared and groomed for the viewing, so that they may look their best when survivors pay their final respects. The viewing is a valuable service for the living because it provides an informal occasion to gather in support and comfort of each other, and to say one last goodbye to the fallen.
  • Traditional Funeral: The traditional funeral is generally a more formal event, where those who attend sit and listen to a life memorial of the fallen. The service gives attendees a place to commemorate their friend, to hear thoughtful speakers, music, and readings intended to remember and comfort all who listen. Funerals also offer a sense of shared community grief, so that no one feels alone in their sorrow. You can count on a certain decorum and consistency in funeral services and merchandise for the occasion.
  • Grave Committal Service: After funeral ceremonies, many families and close friends will escort the deceased in a casket to their final place of burial. There, a few last words may be spoken and the last goodbye may take place. It reminds all of the fleeting nature of life before all are laid in the cold earth. In such moments of perspective, many people find resolve to improve their lives before their time to die is come.


Cremation Care Advantages


Cremation services provide an alternative approach to caring for a loved one in death. Over recent decades, the option has become more mainstream and accepted in western culture, providing a more flexible solution to today’s families that require it. A qualified funeral and cremation provider in Annetta, TX can assist when this is the preferred method of disposition.


  • Cost: Cremation care tends to be more affordable than a traditional full-service funeral. Families of lesser means appreciate this fact since the financial needs of the living can be pressing in today’s world. It’s important to note that less cost does not equate to less value or dignity.
  • Environment: Some feel that funeral care should not add to the environmental problems we face on the planet today. For this reason, they choose cremation services as their means of disposition. Although there are carbon emissions as part of the cremation process, it is potentially less damaging than traditional funeral care. Embalming chemicals, precious hardwoods, and materials, unreclaimable land space, are all reasons people prefer not to go the traditional route.
  • Transportable: The ash remains of the deceased can be taken anywhere. If families move from the area where their loved one has died, they need not feel like they’ve abandoned the person. Rather, they can bring them along. In today’s mobile society, this benefit is very important to some.


Funeral Home FAQs


What should I look for when choosing a funeral home?

  • Accommodation capacity.
  • Consider location
  • Compare facilities
  • Compare Price
  • Consider Cultural and Religious Practices
  • Read Reviews.
  • Call us at (817) 594-2747 for immediate assistance.


What culture started cremation?

The Greeks brought the tradition of cremation over open fires to the Western world as early as 1000 BCE. Often, cremation has been practiced for over 20,000 years. Cremation is thought to have started in Europe around 2,000 B.C., and several scholars believe it became very widespread among Europeans around this time.


What do you bring to a funeral home after a death?

After the death, you'll need certified copies of the death certificate to complete other activities, such as obtaining a permit to move the body to the funeral or cremation site. On the same day, you will be able to file the death certificate and obtain certified copies.


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