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Galbreaith Pickard Funeral Chapel is one the best provider of funeral and cremation services located in Weatherford, Willow Park, and neighboring areas. We have been in business for many years so can rest assured that you can trust us to guide you through the arrangements necessary to create a meaningful ceremony that celebrates the unique life being honored. We are committed to offering support, compassion, information, & guidance as needed to every one of those in need in the community. Call us today at (817) 594-2747 or (817) 594-2747.



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When a family member passes away, the emotional heartache and grief can be difficult to bear. In addition to the pain of loss is the responsibility to carry out their funeral or memorial service. This often needs to occur shortly after death has taken place. In such circumstances, individuals and families often find themselves struggling to do all that is necessary for their fallen loved ones. That’s where a compassionate funeral home and cremation care provider in Aledo, TX, can be invaluable. They help families by carrying the logistical burden of planning and conducting a meaningful service so that the family can spend their time grieving together.


The intent of the service is to honor the fallen and the family in a way that provides comfort and tribute. That can mean different things to different people, which is why you want to find a funeral home that can meet your specific needs. But it’s not always apparent which funeral home service is the best fit for a given family and their deceased. How do you know who to call on in your hour of need? What should you be looking for in a funeral services firm?


Here are several details to consider as you search for the right provider for your family:


  • Services: Not all funeral and cremation firms in Aledo, TX are equipped to provide all possible services that could be requested. You can always find funeral homes that will offer traditional funeral care, but you may not always be able to locate qualified cremation services. Often this service is outsourced to other firms to handle. For some families, the idea of their deceased loved one being shuttled from one place to the next doesn’t feel appropriate. They prefer the fallen to remain at rest as much as possible. For this reason, they look for a provider that has onsite cremation care.
  • Pricing: The law requires funeral industry service companies to publish their pricing in a general price list, and to make it available to inquiring potential customers who come to them for a service quote. As a funeral care consumer, you can benefit by evaluating the pricing of competing funeral homes for the service styles that you want. Some firms can provide certain services for less than others are able, based on their competitive advantages. Do your homework to learn how different firms price their services, and what value they bring to the table.
  • Facilities: If you’re thinking of holding any portion of services at the funeral home, be sure to tour the facilities. Think about what you will need for this particular funeral or memorial service. Do you need a large chapel with plenty of seating? Do you wish to have a specific ambiance or environment to meet in? Is there sufficient gathering space for a viewing service for the anticipated number of people who may attend? Do you need a place to serve a meal?
  • Experience: Funeral professionals are mandated to meet a required standard of care and expertise. However, in the course of their years of practice, they often learn nuances of death care for the communities they most often serve. If your family and fallen want to observe certain cultural, customary, or religious practices as part of the funeral or memorial service, you may find that one funeral home is more experienced in those details than another. Be sure to ask about it.
  • Merchandise: In many ways, funeral services and merchandise go hand in hand. The industry has developed numerous products to meet the needs of their customers. Everything from beautiful caskets and urns, to vault liners and headstone monuments. As you are reviewing your service provider options, you can ask to review any product inventory you may need. If you find a quality product at a reasonable price that you would be interested to purchase, this can lend weight to your choice of provider. You don’t have to buy products from a funeral home, but it is convenient where possible.
  • Personalization: Funerals are not meant to be held in rote fashion, sterile of any details about the person who has died. Yet some funeral providers can lose sight of this fact. When dealing with death as a business, it’s easy to forget that the deceased was a beloved family member with a life story, character, and personality. Be sure to hire a funeral home that will help your family and community by customizing services to honor the memory of the deceased in a way that will bring comfort to those who grieve.


Quality Funeral Home and Cremation in Aledo, TX


For decades, Galbreaith Pickard Funeral Chapel has made it our mission to serve and comfort families who grieve the loss of a loved one. Whether you are searching for at-need funeral home and cremation care in Aledo, TX, or prearranged funeral planning for a future day, call on our caring professionals for support.



Funeral Home and Cremations FAQs


What is permanent memorialization?

A permanent memorial is a place where family and friends can visit when they need help feeling connected to the loved one who has passed. It serves as a focus for their memory and provides a private space for reflection and peace. Sometimes, it can function as a place for family and friends to commemorate important occasions and help make it easier to cope with meaningful dates like birthdays or anniversaries. Learn more


What is included in a funeral service?

A traditional funeral service mostly includes a viewing or visitation, a funeral ceremony, and burial at the gravesite. The service is held at a funeral home, church, or other event space. Traditional funerals usually include elements such as prayers, eulogies, readings, and music. Learn more



What is funeral etiquette for the family?

At the funeral, the front rows of seating are reserved for family and pallbearers. The closest relatives should sit on the second row followed by friends. Please do avoid bringing children below 5 years old as they make disrupt the solemnity of the funeral. Learn more,


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